Rupak Karki

About Me

Hi, I'm Rupak! Currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) at St. Xavier's College, Maitighar. Passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning and AI.

DS, ML & AI enthusiast

During my free time, I'm always learning about emerging technologies and latest trends in the Machine Learning community. I'm always researching and trying out fast and easy ways to speed up my ML pipeline.

Quick to adapt to new libraries or frameworks and willing to learn new ones to get the work done. Even when I'm not working, I spend time watching tutorials and reading articles to brush up my knowledge.

Actively documenting my works by writing articles in Medium about how I did what I did so other people in the tech community can benefit from them.

Tech Stack


More than a year of experience writing Python code for Data Science, Machine Learning and Scripting projects.


A popular language in the Data Science and Statistical community.


MySQL and Relational database knowledge to perform DB management and queries.


Cross-platform app development. I did some projects using Flutter to create ML applications.


The first languages I learned during the start of my programming journey.

DS and ML Tools

Pandas, NumPy, sk-learn, TensorFlow, Seaborn, Plotly, Matplotlib, Streamlit among others.


Technical skills that further add to my portfolio.

(Full progress bars are simply here for style purposes.)

Data Science
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Data Analysis and Visualization
Web Scraping
Data Structures & Algorithms


Below are some of the projects that I've done. These are the key projects that I've completed. For more projects, you can visit my GitHub page here.

Object Detector App

This is an android App built using Flutter and TensorFlow that can detect objects and draw bounding boxes around them. It can detect objects in pictures already taken or in real-time.

Covid-19 Dashboard App

A Covid-19 Dashboard Application built using Flutter. The data is fetched from an API and displayed according to countries. You can view the detailed stats about any country from within the application.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Performed Exploratory Data Analysis on different open-source datasets. It is a beginner friendly project that contains datasets like agriculture, sports, stock price, air-bnb and others.

Deep Learning Flower Classifier

A web application that can classify flower type from the user uploaded image. Built using Streamlit and Python. The model was trained using Transfer Learning on top of Xception model from the TF library.

Game using C++ and OpenGL

An endless runner game written in C++ using the OpenGL framework with texture rendering, character animation and jump and dodge physics. Done as a semester end project of Computer Graphics.

NY Times Web-scraper

My first web scraping project using Selenium. After running the script, it opens the NY Times website, searches for the given keyword and stores the results in a Pandas DataFrame.




Kathmandu, Nepal


+977 9861445109